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CasaP asked for this feature almost 5 years ago — 33 comments

CasaP commented almost 5 years ago

An ability to set min / max size limits for different qualities, just like in CouchPotato. This would mean that we don't have to go into Sab / rTorrent etc. and cancel a download for a 30 minute HD episode thats over 7gb!!

How many times has that happened to you?

Once the limits are set downloads / bandwidth moves no longer get hammered. Bye bye lazy encoders.

| miigotu commented almost 5 years ago Admin

Please dont compare us to couchpotato. We have a different set of goals and views and possibilities.

CasaP commented almost 5 years ago

Sorry, not making a comparison with CP, just think its a good feature to have for SickRage. No offence meant.

| PhuriousGeorge commented almost 5 years ago

This would be a great option. Getting 1GB files when searching for 1080p and 5GB when looking for 720p is a bit frustrating.

kossboss commented over 4 years ago

I third this motion! This would be awesome! You can make it better than CP. By adding a feature to size limits, to bypass sizelimits (lol!). CP seems to always obey size limits, without any feature to bypass them (I assume you can get this feature by settings the MAX to a really high number and MIN to 0) SR could expand by adding option to by-pass size limits for certain qualitys, or tvshows. example: I want my 1080p being between 0 to 4 Gig, 720ps between 0 to 2 gig, but my SDtv I dont care what size they are (as they are usually really small, in my case). Then if you want more custom options, you could set something like Game of Thrones to have no size limits on its qualities because you dont mind if it gets the biggest highest quality file.

| Mikk36 commented over 4 years ago

It's also annoying to get 200 MB 720p downloads instead of the usual 1GB ones.

| runewa commented over 4 years ago

Or 16GB 720p Blueray downloads for that matter. A max/min setting pr. quality would easily have solved this.

| Al3-x commented over 4 years ago

I really want this feature as well. I just started using SickRage and I love it, but what's the point in automating the search and download process when I have to manually check the file sizes and remove almost everything that SR adds to my download list. My most often case, I want 1.6b 1080p web-dl episodes, and I got 500mb and 4gb most of the time!

jamaroney commented over 4 years ago

This would be an OUTSTANDING feature!

| tonylewis42 commented over 4 years ago

Yes please first one to get this option gets my permanent install

| dmarcelino commented over 4 years ago

I would also welcome this change, there are times where one gets an unexpected giant file and it would be nice to avoid it. The Add option for most seeders on torrent search feature would likely mitigate this issue as popular torrents usually have reasonable sizes.

| cassioac commented over 4 years ago

+1 for that, really annoying getting disproportional file sizes

| Vastlee commented over 4 years ago

Just adding my desire for this to be a feature. 30 minute shows look wonderful in 1080p with x265 @ 1.2GB'ish'. Those 4+GB ones are just way overkill.

slybas commented over 4 years ago

Dear Coders, give us a choice for not filling my disks with >4gb 40 minute episodes, thes file sizes are getting ridiculous.

| chqp commented over 4 years ago

it would also be nice to prevent episode downloads less than 300 MB for 720p episodes...

| benoit26 commented over 4 years ago


I think such a feature is mandatory.

Indeed a 720p release (x264) can go from 350 Mo to 2.7 Go, and of course you always get the bigger one.

So in the end I have to delete the downloaded file (2 times because of the post processing), then download it manually to choose the size of the file... and then do a post process again, that if you don't care about ratio/seed time, depending on your tracker, else you have to keep seeding the file bedore you can delete it.

Therefore if you can't filter the search results by size it's easier to download the torrent manually.

| loungebob commented over 4 years ago

I have said it before and keep saying and asking for it, SR needs a better quality management. WEB-DL 720p (or any of the others for that matter) just doesnt cut it. If the goal is true automanagement, SR needs to do automatically what I do manually; figure out what release I want based on multiple variables. I'm tired of having to re-download multiple shows every day because SR thinks I'm happy with a 200MB WEB-DL in 720p for a 22Mins sitcom. This defeats the purpose. I'm not a programmer but is it that hard to add certain x/h264 encoder options to the quality checking? Like CR, bitrate, audio codec.... I realise, for this the release most likely has to be downloaded first, then quality checked and decided if it needs to be trashed or kept but I dont mind, with unlimited traffic all I want is as little manual input as possible. Besides, combined with a file size setting, SR is bound to get the wished release if not at the first try, the very least at the 2nd.

| chqp commented over 4 years ago

sorry that i created a duplicate of this issue. i also stated a possible way to solve this:

| hastoukopsaro commented about 4 years ago

It makes sense to have this as an advanced setting. Instead of manually adding ignored words for low quality(200mb) 720p releases out there.

| mgaulton commented over 3 years ago

Would love to see this, akin to the Couchpotato method of min max per quality

| nekkidtruth commented over 3 years ago

Will this feature happen? Just curious. It's obnoxious to have to deal with files manually with software that's suppose to be automatic. A minimum and maximum file size would be amazing!

| akamez commented over 3 years ago

This is a must to avoid fake videos

| moarf56 commented over 3 years ago

I think, it's very very good possibility ! One day, maybe ?

| exizt3nc3 commented over 3 years ago

This would be a great feature. Im getting really fed up with having to cancel loads of TV series episodes that are only 200MB being added to Sabz. I'd love to be able to set a 1GB minimum file size because I am not interested in anything less. Currently I have to wait for so may failed downloads of the smaller size to trigger a snatch of a decent episode. Maybe its an indexer problem but im not so sure. Im using

| nekkidtruth commented over 3 years ago

I'm getting tired of having to cancel 2-3GB files when all others in that series are 1-1.5GB. I don't have hard drives growing on trees! I'd really like to control the size of what I'm downloading. Even a simple "We're looking into this..." would be appreciated at this point.

| ArthurGarnier commented about 3 years ago

| ArthurGarnier commented about 3 years ago

| betimmm commented almost 3 years ago

any news about this feat?

| cannondale0815 commented over 2 years ago

Would love to see this feature

| Nosirus commented almost 2 years ago

no news ?

junfan commented about 1 year ago

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| jaerchom commented about 1 year ago

Still no updates? I really want to switch to Medusa but sadly can't as I'm wanting an automated system, not a constant manual process (at that point I don't need an app). Also sadly I'm only a SQL developer so I can't assist in getting this added. :(

PeterPan669 commented 6 months ago

What is the latest on this? Surely it's not that hard to implement?

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