Ad IMDB as show indexer

skydiverscott asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 2 comments

skydiverscott commented about 6 years ago

Add the ability to use IMDB as a show indexer. For many of the shows that have the seasons listed as YYYY instead of S##, sickrage + was a great workaround. With the demise of, IMDB seems that it provides a possible solution. For many shows where there is conflict with season/episode naming conventions between what gets posted and what is "official" in the eyes of a particular indexer, IMDB actually lists BOTH season listings for many of the commonly complained about shows like family guy, PBS frontline, etc.

If implemented the interface would need to prompt for which season schema listed in IMDB would be the preferred by the user but it may also be nice to actually support both season schemas when searching and using the preferred for the naming schema.

EraYaN commented almost 6 years ago

Doesn't XEM catch this? There is also a XEM addon for Kodi, your favorite media center probably also has it. You can select the displayed episode order that way.

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