Add Scheduled Automatic Backups

raymondtrueman asked for this feature about 6 years ago — 10 comments

raymondtrueman commented about 6 years ago

Previous SickRage Issue #1829

Feature request to be able to provide a path and a schedule so that backups can automatically be created on a schedule to the path provided.

The user should also be able to specify how many backups to keep where-after old ones will be automatically deleted

SirApokalypse commented about 6 years ago

A backup of only the sickrage settings databes etc. Or doy You mean all or just some selected TVShows/or episodes as well ?

| jackiass commented about 6 years ago

I think he means whatever the already existing backup function does.

| raymondtrueman commented about 6 years ago

Yes jackiass, I want to be able to fully recover to my latest settings and DB etc. when I lose my server or something

| kossboss commented about 6 years ago

Scheduled Backup of Configs (databases and ini files and such). I second this motion :-)

| superkat1111 commented about 6 years ago

Third'd :-)

| duelistjp commented about 6 years ago

and 29th'd

labrys commented almost 6 years ago Admin

While we don't have a scheduled backup, it does backup on each update. With updates on average of every week, or two at most an automated updated is less important. However, I do see the potential usefulness, for example if running on NAS that doesn't have an updated package available, or if you choose to delay updates for an extended period.

| Ockingshay commented over 5 years ago

Although a backup is taken after each update, the files are still stored within it's own directories. It would be nice to be able to set where the backup saves during updates or as the OP suggests a way to schedule what can already be done with the manual backup.

| oleroc commented almost 4 years ago

I second this!

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