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JonnyWong16/plexpy Activity Recap Email (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) 0 It would be handy to have a "recap" feature that will sum up the desired information into a neat email that is sent on a chosen interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). I have quite a few friends streaming from my library and they are always requesting new stuff. Sometimes I wake up to tons of Pushover notifications that I just don't have the desire to sift through. It would be really nice to have all the "important" information summed up in a daily email. The email can be formatted nicely to make the info more digestible at a quick glance. Text would be good but if posters and other formatting can be implemented to enhance the experience that would be welcome. I was thinking something similar to this: PlexPy Recap for July 26th 2017 New Media: - Movie (2017) - TV Show 1 - S03E04 - TV Show 2 - S01-S10 User Activity: - Friend 1 watched - Movie (2013) - Friend 2 watched - TV Show - S10E05 Thank you! I really appreciate the time that was put into such a nice system.


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