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Project Feature Score Description
Guake/guake Add GUAKE_TERMINAL_UUID (saved and loaded between sessions) 0 Tab UUIDs are great when you want scripts to manipulate their own tab, without affecting unrelated selected tabs. However, it's not as useful for managing bash history. Terminal UUIDs would enable setting HISTFILE to a terminal-specific value, which would be nice tbh.
Guake/guake Tab color 1 There should be something to define tab color, in addition to being able to define tab title.
Guake/guake Pinned tabs 0 Keeping tabs across restarts is nice and all, but I see myself running into a tab accumulation issue. I'd like the ability to pin some tabs and only keep those tabs around across restarts. The others can be discarded. Ideally I'd be able to color-code them so I can pin "active projects" and manage those that way, with a different color from say "system monitor" and "alsamixer", but that would be a separate feature request.


Project Feature Comment When
odininon/ProjectOmega No features Well, not really, altho you'd become the whole community. over 4 years ago
odininon/ProjectOmega No features It already has a feature: it's community driven. How are you supposed to turn 1 feature into 0 features? over 4 years ago


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