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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
Guake/guake Tab color 1 There should be something to define tab color, in addition to being able to define tab title.
Guake/guake Pinned tabs 0 Keeping tabs across restarts is nice and all, but I see myself running into a tab accumulation issue. I'd like the ability to pin some tabs and only keep those tabs around across restarts. The others can be discarded. Ideally I'd be able to color-code them so I can pin "active projects" and manage those that way, with a different color from say "system monitor" and "alsamixer", but that would be a separate feature request.


Project Feature Comment When
odininon/ProjectOmega No features Well, not really, altho you'd become the whole community. almost 4 years ago
odininon/ProjectOmega No features It already has a feature: it's community driven. How are you supposed to turn 1 feature into 0 features? almost 4 years ago


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