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BurgerLUA/burgerstation My main project. This is the repository for the upcoming BYOND game Burgerstation. Currently in development. 25 55

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Project Feature Score Description
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Additional faction IFAKs 3 Give other factions different IFAKs, similar to how revs' AI-3s function: pocket-sized incredibly storage efficient-yet-whitelisted "box" with meds to heal most, if not all damage types inside of it. NT's IFAK could be based off IFAK Gen. 3/AFAK, having some of the most diverse/full contents, with Syndicate receiving Salewas/any other IFAK/small medkit of your choosing, having rich yet smaller amount of meds, possibly compensated with quality of it (combat medipens instead of epipens, adv. trauma/burn kits instead of bandages, etc.). That'd increase survivability of folks, as well as giving them additional inventory space to the already near-infinite inventories.
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Expanded Team Death Match/Territory Control gamemode for non-VR 1 Okay hear me out: free roam but you can join as factions and there's no NT space station but NT FOB, same with the other factions. Also, there are POIs that need to be captured to earn faction currency to upgrade your base and buy additional NPCs. All maps are playable and you can move between them by using shuttles/trains/paths. Main objective is to capture as much POIs as possible and hold them 'till some timer that starts ticking at idk 65% captured areas ends.


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Vote When Project Feature
10 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Expanded Team Death Match/Territory Control gamemode for non-VR
13 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation New burger station but ZOMBIES????? - Autisme #3276
13 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Shotgun shell holding attachment
13 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Ammo loading machine, and better ammo boxes
13 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Expansion on the miscellanous skills such as Crafting and Alchemy
13 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Belt Pouch for Shells
13 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Additional faction IFAKs
13 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Grandes, grandes and more grandes