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Name Description Features Votes
TJohnson93/Comandarr A bot to interact with Sonarr and Radarr from Google Assistant, Slack, Facebook Messenger and more... 3 3
KwarzaStudios/Samantha-Boilerplate A HTML5 Boilerplate using PHP, Sass, jQuery & Modernizr 0 0
Comandarr/Comandarr Comandarr is a bot that will interact with Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr (currently in development) via a number of integrations... ***IN DEVELOPMENT DO NOT TRY TO USE.*** 14 158

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
SickRage/SickRage Slack Attachments (Rich Notifications) 0 I am modifying the Slack notification feature to add support for attachments (rich notifications)... Will be performing a pull request soonish... Just thought I'd put it on here as an FYI as well.
Comandarr/Comandarr Kik Integration 0
Comandarr/Comandarr Twilio Integration 0
Comandarr/Comandarr Mycroft Integration 4
Comandarr/Comandarr Facebook Messenger Integration 7
Comandarr/Comandarr Skype Integration 1
TJohnson93/Comandarr Slack Integration 1 Integration with Slack
Comandarr/Comandarr Microsoft Cortana Integration 10


Project Feature Comment When
mattman86/Lidarr Button to autosearch from the homepage That's actually really cool! Have you posted this on Sonarr and Radarr as well? over 2 years ago
Comandarr/Comandarr Sync and rename with voice Why would you need to rename by voice? You are able to set that within Sonarr, Radarr upon setup? over 2 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
over 2 years ago mattman86/Lidarr Button to autosearch from the homepage