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JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 5 years ago — 6 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 5 years ago Admin

I think it might be cool to see where watches are coming from. With the IP logging we know an approximate city/state - maybe a heatmap or something else to help visualize this?

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #94

| tedrock commented over 5 years ago

This would be so inaccurate it would be pointless.

| Rsslone commented about 5 years ago

I think it would only apply if people have a pretty large following. Otherwise its not worth the time when there are so many better features that could be implemented.

| koolmon10 commented almost 5 years ago

I agree with Rsslone, save this one for a rainy day.

| blacktwin commented almost 3 years ago

Here is a script to generate a map based on user's IPs.

| ndaringer commented over 2 years ago

Definitely would use this.

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