Most transcoded / Optimize Suggestions

Fidreus asked for this feature about 5 years ago — 6 comments

Fidreus commented about 5 years ago

Some kind of suggestion which videos to optimize to get as little transcoding as possible (a top list for most transcoded videos).

| jeramie72 commented almost 5 years ago

| jeramie72 commented almost 5 years ago

this would be AWESOME!!! top ten transcoded videos and the resolutions that they were transcoded to, that way as server admins we know which shows are taking up the most CPU. great idea.

| Deus-Rex commented over 3 years ago

This would be great to have. It would save so much transcoding.

| Ticardy commented about 3 years ago

This would be really helpful

| CojakSilverBack commented almost 2 years ago

something like this along with pre-transcode the next episode that each user is watching or on their on deck

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