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JamminR asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 4 comments

JamminR commented over 3 years ago

I usually know where most of the people I share with are located. The recent change to GeoLite2 no longer provides me information on which ISP my guests are using, and therefore, allows less knowledge of whether or not they are sharing accounts (which I don't wish them to do). I request the ISP info page allow an NSLOOKUP using any publicly availabile name server. (Google, OpenDNS, or perhaps, even a specified one on my LAN) If an IP address had an associated reverse lookup, I'd be able to know what ISP they were using, not just where they were.

| JamminR commented over 3 years ago

It was commented in the forums nslookup would not suffice. Either way, I want hostname information, and any other functionality that can be added, besides just a city location.

| SemperFratres commented over 3 years ago

One of my users had the Plex app downloaded from amazon (per Plex), but Amazon has no record of it on her account. She feels her Plex account was hacked. Changed her PW, but this would help me to find out where a new user is located and what ISP is being used.

JonnyWong16 commented over 3 years ago Admin

Added in v1.4.9.

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