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jeramie72 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 6 comments

jeramie72 commented over 3 years ago

it would be great if you could add the library that a show was added to into the facebook notification. my users frequently will ask, "i can't find it, where is it at" and i have to tell them the library that it went into. my libraries are just Genres, but my users are not techie either.

Something like:

Update The Jungle Book (2016) was recently added to Plex in Action.Adventure.

love plexpy! thanks guys!

JonnyWong16 commented over 3 years ago Admin

{library_name} is already an option.

| jeramie72 commented over 3 years ago

is the facebook notification connected to the "Custom Notification Messages" section? i've got the below in Recently Added and nothing in there appears to affect what is posted to facebook so i thought it was some separate mechanism.

{title} was recently added in {library_name}. {Summary}

| jeramie72 commented over 3 years ago

i just tried it again, making some changes in the custom notification messages section for recently added and then added something, the facebook notification went out, but none of my changes were applied. i removed the period from the above and and changed the subject from Update to Recently Added, saved, reset plexpy and the notification came out as:

Recently Added The Huntsman: Winter's War was recently added to Plex.

So the subject seems to work but the body of the message doesn't. hope that helps

| jeramie72 commented over 3 years ago

here is a screen cap of my recently added custom notification http://imgur.com/a/zPDa2

JonnyWong16 commented over 3 years ago Admin

This is not the place to ask for help. Message me on Gitter.

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