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evanrich asked for this feature about 5 years ago — 6 comments

evanrich commented about 5 years ago

I'm a metrics whore, partly because I use metrics at work for monitoring the health of our datacenters, and this has carried into my home use. I log everything (power usage, VM metrics, etc. Anyway, it would be awesome if support for exporting metrics to InfluxDB (and therefore, grafana) would be supported, or at least a way to integrate with CollectD (which can export to InfluxDB), so that I can throw up the stats from plexpy into my dashboards along with the other data from my plex server (currently CPU/Memory/bandwidth usage).

This would definitely earn the devs a donation. Thanks!

| jamieshaw commented over 4 years ago

  • 1 for this. It'd be nice to see this natively opposed to an external script bridging the two.

| benjmd commented over 4 years ago

+1 willing to throw $$$ at this feature

| svenvg93 commented over 4 years ago


| artbird309 commented about 4 years ago

I would love to get this integrated into PlexPy, I just started working on this using an external tools below but would love to just use PlexPy. https://github.com/Drewster727/plexpy-influxdb-export https://github.com/mvantassel/plexpy2influx

nwalke commented about 3 years ago

I too love metrics, but Influx DB makes me sad. So I made a Prometheus exporter: https://github.com/nwalke/tautulli-exporter

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