Support for Multiple Plex Servers / Instances

JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 63 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 3 years ago Admin

Is it possible to add support for multiple Plex media servers?

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #113

| Mr-Quinn commented over 3 years ago

PMS allows me to select any of my servers (3) to view but only run PlexPy on the main PMS... I have a second remote server that would be nice to see details of in PlexPy

| arionl commented over 3 years ago

I'm in the same boat as @lhawkins: https://github.com/drzoidberg33/plexpy/issues/113#issuecomment-180600912

My primary PMS is FreeNAS (FreeBSD) but I need to run a separate Linux server for music because of the premium limitations on FreeBSD. Would be great to monitor both through a single PlexPy.

| u4dandy commented over 3 years ago

This would be a fantastic feature, hopefully it'll be considered in the future

| crazybadger commented over 3 years ago

I'd make use of this too, and would be much better than running two instances of PlexPy

| didyouexpectthat commented over 3 years ago

My libraries are too big to host on one plex server, so I require at minimum 2 servers. Would really benefit from this.

| Johannezzz commented over 3 years ago

Running two servers, would love to see a option for this.

lazyb0nes commented over 3 years ago

Id also like this to be available, would be awesome.

| PopeViper commented over 3 years ago

Starting up a second PMS now, this would be a huge benefit.

| bdrumm1234 commented about 3 years ago

Having a Graph for Overall Usage on 2 servers = Awesome! Would be a great feature!

| alhatmy commented almost 3 years ago

please !

| TwistedEndz commented almost 3 years ago

this was requested in late 2015 , so I would not count on it heh

| Codgedodger commented almost 3 years ago

^ Don't be a bummer! PLEASE ADD THIS!

| ourcontact commented over 2 years ago

Just added 2nd Plex server - would like to have 1 consolidated PlexPy

| ChrisColotti commented over 2 years ago

Same here, but with that I added a FR for the ability to connect to a Plex Cloud instance. Even if I could run a second version of PlexPY and point to the two different servers that an option to connect to multiple plex instances. Even run PlexPY in a docker container twice once for each instance.

Adding the Plex Cloud would be cool either way :)

| MoBOatGVA commented about 2 years ago

I know... Never ask but is there any way to get an official statement if multiple serveurs will be supported ? I do have 6 plex servers running. You tool is fantastic as it is. Always things missing but fine for me. I would prefer having 1 to rule them all ! Thanks

| joshbaptiste commented about 2 years ago

hmm.. I think the largest set of changes in adding multiple servers would be in the UI to accommodate, i'm looking at the backend code to do this myself as I also run 4 Plex servers and looking for a distributed cloud statistics store.

khalpin11 commented almost 2 years ago

bit of a workaround until this is implemented but running multiple instances of plexpy in docker containers has worked fantastic for me https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-plexpy

DJSADERS commented almost 2 years ago

Would be considered for V2?

| Qwatuz commented almost 2 years ago

This would be amazing to have all of the statistics on one instance of PlexPy!

| samip5 commented almost 2 years ago

This would be awesome to have, for example to monitor cloud Plex, and Normal. :)

| RyGuy08 commented over 1 year ago

+1 for this request. Use a main server for most content and Shield TV as a second instance.

t001z commented over 1 year ago

+1 for this feature as well. Maybe I should just give up on hoping this will be added but I would love to see this as well. love the tool but could love it a little more.

| bdschuster commented over 1 year ago

+1000 for me :-) running 3 servers, would be great to have all stats in one place.

| Mandosm commented over 1 year ago

Yep, Two Servers here, would love to get combined Stats.

| TwistedEndz commented over 1 year ago

any news on this? this should be ranked number 1 priority

| phraymond commented over 1 year ago

Agreed, I'd like to see this as well. I'm using the Plex Cloud service in addition to my local, would like to have stats for both.

| filoor commented over 1 year ago

Any News?

| ChrisColotti commented over 1 year ago

This would be truly awesome for sure!

| Taipan24 commented over 1 year ago

+1 For me. Running 2 PMS instances.

belsander commented over 1 year ago

same here, running 3 PMS instances, would be great to see this feature come to life!

sinfulcontortion commented over 1 year ago

is there any update/status on this important feature..? Monitoring add a major level of security to this wonderful programs/service. Anyone know of any alternatives... Is there something for KODI..?

| eisenbass commented over 1 year ago

I too will be stoked to have a such feature to monitor multiple instances! Thanks!

oceanmaster commented over 1 year ago

So these comments started 2 years ago.. and earlier based on some comments. Is this ever going to be implemented and if not perhaps we should start looking at getting a third party to do this. Does anyone here know someone who can do this for payment?

nirav72 commented over 1 year ago

+1 Please add support for multiple servers. Thanks!

oceanmaster commented about 1 year ago

OK, so first offer is $20 for the person who starts this initiative and shares their efforts and another $50 to them once they get it right and share it to the community.

| anielk commented about 1 year ago

any update on this feature?

| TopBanana123 commented about 1 year ago

I agree this should be a feature. I have a second PMS server on my colo server for music streaming

| Qosmo commented about 1 year ago

I have more than 1 Plex server and would love to see this feature implemented.

| YodaSpow commented about 1 year ago

This would be great.

tonyfilxx commented about 1 year ago

I also would really love to see this available. this is so cool especially with all my friends and family streaming from my nearly 10,000 videos and 80,000 episodes on two servers.

j78FG86l69VA58U commented about 1 year ago

I guess I'll throw in my +1 :D

| zSeriesGuy commented about 1 year ago

I have 4 Plex servers and would really like to have this feature too. It would really be nice to aggregate the viewing history.

So I have started working on the code. Hope to have it done by Christmas.

| TwistedEndz commented about 1 year ago

this is almost 3 years old .. u'd think it would have been done by now if it was possible.

| zSeriesGuy commented 11 months ago

It is possible. I have it working now. One Tautulli monitoring 4 servers.

| Jaycee007 commented 11 months ago

ZSeriesGuy How do that ?

| zSeriesGuy commented 11 months ago

@Jaycee007, I'm writing the code changes to Tautulli to support multiserver. In my new code, I have it working monitoring 4 servers. I have not published this code yet because it is not ready. But I am working on it.

PNRxA commented 10 months ago

@zSeriesGuy I would love to see you code when you're able to publish it, this has been something I've wanted for a long time

| zSeriesGuy commented 10 months ago

Code has been published at https://github.com/zSeriesGuy/Tautulli/tree/V3.0.00. But note that this is NOT official Tautulli code at this time.

hobesman commented 10 months ago

@zSeriesGuy Awesome! It works! So is this code that is likely to end up in the master branch eventually? Or how does that work? I'm unfamiliar with the development process generally, and with development of this project in particular.

I would be sad if I were forever forced to choose between having the latest version and monitoring multiple servers... For now I'm sticking with your branch, but long term, I'd want stable updates, etc.

hobesman commented 10 months ago

hobesman commented 10 months ago

@zSeriesGuy Do you know, does this update the IP of a remote server based on plex web? Or how does it handle a remote server with a dynamic WAN IP? Do I need to manually configure it with DDNS or will it always discover the remote server as long as the remote plex server is linked up with plex web? Thanks for any info.

| zSeriesGuy commented 10 months ago

@hobesman I will be submitting a PR to the official Tautulli repository once I get some feedback that I haven't broke anything. I sure hope they accept my changes. I would be disappointed otherwise. This code "discovers" the IP address from plex.tv. So I would think that if the IP address changes, a refresh of your servers would pick up the new address. By default, automatic server refresh is set to every 12 hours. You can also click on the refresh button in the settings. Please let me know if you run into any problems with this code. And thanks a bunch. :)

hobesman commented 10 months ago

@zSeriesGuy The only thing I've noticed so far is that the server selection dropdown on the "History" page is slightly higher than the other items in the row. I'll try to be more specific if that doesn't make sense.

Otherwise everything seems to be working perfectly. I'll be sure to comment if I notice anything else. Is there a more direct way to provide feedback for this branch?

| zSeriesGuy commented 10 months ago

@hobesman Thank you for that catch. I fixed it. I enabled issues on my repo. If you find anymore or have suggestions, you can post them there. Thanks again.

hobesman commented 10 months ago

If I use this version, will I have to start a new database if/when I transition back to Master branch? Similarly, is there any way to import from a previous Tautulli installation? I see that's been added, but it says it has to be a db from the same or higher version number, so it wouldn't accept my existing master-branch db file. I also tried closing tautulli, copying in the old db file, and relaunching, but it wouldn't launch with the old db file there.

| zSeriesGuy commented 10 months ago

You will need to restore the config.ini file in addition to the tautulli.db to restore back to the master branch. If the master branch accepts my changes, then you would not need to start a new database. If you want to import databases from other instances of tautulli, upgrade them to this new version. You would then be able to import. But make sure you save a backup of your db and config.ini. Tautulli should already be making regular backups of these files.

BacchusFLT commented 9 months ago

@zSeriesGuy - Any news one this being merged to the master branch? Looking at the config on my up to date installation there is still only one possible server entry so I guess not. Have you had any communication with the project on if they plan to merge it?

| zSeriesGuy commented 9 months ago

BacchusFLT commented 8 months ago

@zSeriesGuy OK so there is at least a discussion on the topic - fingers crossed it will be merged into the master branch. I really want the feature but don't really have the energy to maintain the installation in the automatic update feature wouldn't take care of it for me. Reading the thread you linked, I don't understand how this can be 14k changes.

| zSeriesGuy commented 8 months ago

@BacchusFLT Yeah, it is hard to believe. But it took me 3 months, 12 to 18 hours a day, to get this to work with multiple Plex servers. It required a LOT of changes from the way it was originally written. It sounds to me like it will never get merged which is very disappointing considering how much time I put into it. Wished I had a better understanding of GIT and had submitted the changes in smaller batches. Perhaps it would have had a chance for merge. Oh well.

| quietlifeproductions commented 7 months ago

@zSeriesGuy Hi, I'm sorry if this is the incorrect forum for contacting you about issues but would you know why your 3.0.0 release wouldn't be picking up new users that I've invited/have accepted to share my library with? Each time they stream the communication with the server is rejected and they don't feature on the "Users" list at all. (However they do within the official Tautulli release).

Thanks so much for a really useful branch of this program by the way!

| zSeriesGuy commented 3 months ago

@quietlifeproductions Are you still having this issue? I recently found an issue and fixed it. If you are still having this issue, please open issue at https://github.com/zSeriesGuy/Tautulli

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