User Management - Library Authorisation/Restriction

DejaVu asked for this feature about 3 years ago — 1 comment

DejaVu commented about 3 years ago

I would love a way in PlexPy to be able to manage my Users.

Somehow, if possible, where each Library is listed next to all the users in a table, then click a tick box to share that particular library with that user. Click Save and all the libraries permissions are changed all at once.

I hate the way Plex's User Management functions. You have to go into each individual user and specify each library.

A one page stop for User Management within Plex is a must in my opinion. If it could be integrated into PlexPy - Even better.

Example - Sharing All is not an option because my Photo upload Library is visible then. If I add 1 Library I then have to go through 40 Users simply to activate their access to that one Library. It is loooooong!

Can it implemented easy enough? I think the layout is practically there in /users and Edit Mode. Or the other way around, select a Library and a new 'Share' button that brings all users up and you can select who to share it with.

Organizing Libraries against Users would be better than organising Users against Libraries.

Plex's API support such a thing? I know it's been requested on Plex, but the Dev's seem to not see the importance of this.

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