Transcoding Reason Information

MrAlphaDawg asked for this feature almost 5 years ago — 4 comments

MrAlphaDawg commented almost 5 years ago

It would be AWESOME if the PlexPy dashboard could provide a reason for using Transcode vs. DirectPlay/Stream.

I have many users who have devices that are capable of DirectPlay/Stream, but I find them Transcoding. After reaching out to have them validate their settings, I find out it was something simple like they had Subtitles enabled (which forced a transcode session), so it would be a cool detail to be able to understand a reason for a session's transcoding.

| counterfit commented almost 5 years ago

Yes, this information is usually available if you have the UI option set in a particular app, but having it available server-side would be a good thing to have.

| bagobones commented over 4 years ago

I very frequently see h264 to h264 in my status window and would really like to know if that is a resolution, bitrate, or actual client capability problem.

| JohnCytron commented 9 months ago

Would love to see it

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