Automatically kill paused stream after X minutes paused

Poag asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 7 comments

Poag commented almost 3 years ago

As Plex now allows you to stop a stream from the Status page (rather than having to terminate the process) would it be possible to monitor for paused streams and after X minutes paused, end the stream with a message?

| jeramie72 commented over 2 years ago

great idea.. i have a couple users that keep forgetting they have devices that have streams paused and then run into slot limit issues on their account and bug me. I think i'll suggest to the Plex dev team that they don't count paused streams against the slot count and that they do the slot count check on new playback as well as unpaused playback as well. not like they will even see the suggestion.

magman4x4 commented over 2 years ago

Yeah I would love this.

| nemchik commented about 2 years ago

Someone made a custom script for this: https://github.com/blacktwin/JBOPS/blob/master/killstream/wait_kill_pause_notify_main.py and https://github.com/blacktwin/JBOPS/blob/master/killstream/wait_kill_pause_notify_sub.py

I think this would be great if it (and other custom scripts) were considered for inclusion directly into plexpy.

| blacktwin commented about 1 year ago

Those scripts mentioned above have been improved. Please use this.

JonnyWong16 commented about 1 year ago Admin

Tautulli will never implement any form of automatic stopping of streams. Use a custom script notification instead.

poisonivy0 commented about 1 year ago

Hi, every time i run the script it says that it cant find the users. Can anyone help?

Tautulli Notifiers :: Script returned: Session 'C4FC4B3A-6DF3-4D6E-8EB3-F6E256B38F0E' from user 'None' is no longer active on the server, stopping monitoring.

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