Plex Update vs PlexPy Update Notifications

xstrex asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 2 comments

xstrex commented over 2 years ago

Currently under the Notifications menu, there's an option to be notified of a "Plex Update Available". It seems that this notification option includes both PMS updates & PlexPy updates.

It would be great if we could separate those notifications! So one for PMS, and another for PlexPy.

This would allow us to customize the notification to our liking. Currently, with the option enabled, we'd get a notification like this: An update is available (version

Which doesn't distinguish between PlexPy, or PMS.

If the request was implemented, we could get a notification like: An update is available for PlexPy (version OR An update is available for Plex (version

JonnyWong16 commented over 2 years ago Admin

This is incorrect. The update notification is only for Plex.

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