Notification tag for transcoding

KSas asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 2 comments

KSas commented over 2 years ago

I am notified when a movie is started to watch.

My notification-code looks like this: [...] Video: {transcode_video_codec} ({transcode_container}) - {video_decision} Audio: {transcode_audio_codec} {transcode_audio_channels} Channels - {audio_decision} [...]

If the movie needs to be transcoded, the notification will look as follows:

[...] Video: h264 (mkv) - Transcode Audio: aac 2 Channels - Transcode [...]

But, if the movie is played directly, the information in the parameter is unfortunately not available. Because of this, the notification then looks so:

[...] Video: () - Direct Play Audio: Channels - Direct Play [...]

JonnyWong16 commented over 1 year ago Admin

Added in v2.

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