Stats / Graph on Least Watched Movies and TV Shows

JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 5 years ago — 2 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 5 years ago Admin

Hey guys,

As my servers libraries expand and I am constantly upgrading HDD's every year to accommodate new content I was thinking it would be great to pull up data on what users are NOT Watching. I find it useful to know whats HOT and popular but even more so I would love to see a reverse count of watches on my entire library to see what can be eliminated or archived for more active content. I guess it might be a two prong request:

  1. Would you be able to show me whats most popular and being watched the most; ranking the entire library spiting TV and Movies?
  2. Would you also be able to show the exact opposite for what has never been watch and / or watched the least in ranking the entire library folder?

This would allow me to determine what to pull down off the servers to free up space for possibly better content for my user base,

Please let me know if that makes sense or if it doesn't then I can re-write it if necessary as I tend to ramble. And thanks again!

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #192

| flying-sausages commented over 3 years ago

oh I need this in my life

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