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Sitruk asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 2 comments

Sitruk commented almost 2 years ago

Feature: Block IP address within Windows firewall on Plex server via PlexPy.

I find that I often have to monitor IP addresses to ensure Plex accounts are not being shared (intentionally or not). PlexPy is great; I can either use device names or IP addresses to deduce sketchy activity.

What would be VERY useful is a built in option that would allow you to select a specific IP and automatically add a "block" rule in the windows firewall for the Plex server.

I'm not sure how complicated this would be but I know you can add firewall rules via command.

JonnyWong16 commented almost 2 years ago Admin

PlexPy/Tautulli will never automatically make decisions related to blocking/terminating streams. It can provide the info and send a notification, but it is up to the user to implement their own solution. You can setup a script notification for this.

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