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CraftyCanine asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 6 comments

CraftyCanine commented over 1 year ago

First off, Great job on the newsletters feature. I love it! I think all it needs to totally satisfy me is the home page stats from the Tautulli home page. Stats would be the perfect addition to the newsletter. Gets people competitive! I love having those stats for my users and it would be great to be able to send them out in an email on a weekly basis.

| sossienl commented over 1 year ago

This would be a great idea

| Koolice989 commented about 1 year ago


| montizzl3 commented about 1 year ago

This is honestly what I expected to see when the Newsletter feature was released. I would love for my users to know what Movies/TV Shows are the most popular for the specified time period. I LOVE the newsletter feature. The recently added info is just not that important compared to some of the other stats. I would even include the number of concurrent sessions. Basically all of the home page stats would be great to have as options for the newsletter.

| AcidReign81 commented 12 months ago

Yes please. Add this to the Newsletters. But with the option to now show some of the stats. For example I don't want to show the most active users or who watched a show. Just that the show was watched. So like anonymized stats.

henroFall commented 10 months ago

Most popular would be awesome! I think that changes the newsletter from "interesting" to "useful."

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