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CraftyCanine asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 9 comments

CraftyCanine commented over 3 years ago

First off, Great job on the newsletters feature. I love it! I think all it needs to totally satisfy me is the home page stats from the Tautulli home page. Stats would be the perfect addition to the newsletter. Gets people competitive! I love having those stats for my users and it would be great to be able to send them out in an email on a weekly basis.

| sossienl commented over 3 years ago

This would be a great idea

| Koolice989 commented over 3 years ago


| montizzl3 commented over 3 years ago

This is honestly what I expected to see when the Newsletter feature was released. I would love for my users to know what Movies/TV Shows are the most popular for the specified time period. I LOVE the newsletter feature. The recently added info is just not that important compared to some of the other stats. I would even include the number of concurrent sessions. Basically all of the home page stats would be great to have as options for the newsletter.

| AcidReign81 commented about 3 years ago

Yes please. Add this to the Newsletters. But with the option to now show some of the stats. For example I don't want to show the most active users or who watched a show. Just that the show was watched. So like anonymized stats.

henroFall commented about 3 years ago

Most popular would be awesome! I think that changes the newsletter from "interesting" to "useful."

| reguerap commented about 2 years ago

+1 to this request, adding that maybe a new newsletter agent called "Digest" would be really useful. Users will find interesting to get most popular movies and TV Shows as well as new additions.

But it is really useful for Admins to get a daily/weekly/monthly digest with a complete report.


| DevMan01 commented over 1 year ago

I'd like to see this feature as well. This could also be a separate news letter altogether. Much like when we go to the "Graphs" tab and we break down the data in the "Plays by Period" or the "Stream Info" - it'd be cool to grab some of those graphs and insert them into the main weekly newsletter, or into a separate newsletter. Having it in a separate newsletter would be nice for more "Admin" focused users.

henroFall commented 11 months ago

+1, there are tons of other methods to send "what's new to Plex" emails. But none of those methods have access to Tautulli stats. It would be super useful for Tautulli newsletter to be able to tell readers the most popular titles of the week/month/period!

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