Add manifest to mobile web app to allow creation of full-screen webapp on Android, etc.

derekoharrow asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 2 comments

derekoharrow commented over 1 year ago

In Chrome on Android you can open the Tautulli (mobile) web interface and then use the Chrome Menu to add a shortcut to the homescreen. However, this shortcut doesn't open as a stand-along webapp - instead it re-opens in Chrome as a new tab. Using this link (https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/android/installtohomescreen) it is trivial to add a manifest to the mobile website to allow Tautulli to be added as a homescreen webapp shortcut (similar to sonarr, radarr, plex, etc.)

JonnyWong16 commented over 1 year ago Admin

There is a manifest file. https://github.com/Tautulli/Tautulli/blob/master/data/interfaces/default/images/favicon/manifest.json

Adding to the home screen as a standalone app works fine.

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