Transcode user priority, disconnect with msg.

Napsterbater asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 2 comments

Napsterbater commented about 1 year ago

Have an option to let Plex manage transcoding priority for different users, mainly/only video (audio by option?).

Basically have a limit of how many video transcodes can go on simultaneously, and if above that limit stop stream on the lower priority user or users with a custom message maybe a default of "transcoding limit reached try playing at original", or something.

While of course Plex itself has a transcoding limit this is only first come first serve. The system I'm suggesting could allow the Plex owner's account or specified user accounts to of course get preferential treatment as decided on by the owner.

JonnyWong16 commented about 1 year ago Admin

Tautulli will never implement any form of automatic stopping of streams. Use a custom script notification instead.

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