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JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 5 years ago — 3 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 5 years ago Admin

I have a "New Content" library on my Plex server that is populated with auto downloads and such, PlexPy works fine with tracking the plays from this but my question is can PlexPy retain the watch count and statistics generated when I move a movie from this new content folder to my main movies folder.

Not a huge deal just something I noticed. Love PlexPy though! Great information :)

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #458

| nemchik commented over 4 years ago

This might also tie into something else I'd love to see:

I run PlexPy on a separate server from Plex. Occasionally I'll have to rebuild one server or the other without keeping my databases. When this happens on my Plex server and I keep the PlexPy database it causes all kinds of issues resynchronizing PlexPy to my new Plex server. Even though all the media is the same, if I don't add the libraries in the same order PlexPy mixes up all the stats really bad, so I end up having to purge the data anyway.

It would be great if PlexPy could account for this, but what I'm asking might be more related to the multi server request http://feathub.com/JonnyWong16/plexpy/+14

| montizzl3 commented over 3 years ago

I also have moved servers multiple times. I get new hardware and it's quite the process to get everything all up to date. And if any TV Show is no longer on the new server after moving the stats from those cannot be moved over since it can't link to the absent media on the new server. I have managed to retain most of my stats after the move with a lot of work, but each media item has to be re-linked with the new media item in the new library. This is true even if I copy over my old Plex library to the new server so it maintains all of my shared users watched statuses.

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