Jellyfin Support

sotiris-bos asked for this feature 10 months ago — 5 comments

sotiris-bos commented 10 months ago

Jellyfin is a fully FOSS fork of Emby that is gaining traction very quickly and has advanced massively since the beginning of the project. More and more people seem eager to switch from Plex to Jellyfin by the day, but the project needs some more work, hence some people, including me, are holding back still.

Tautulli is an amazing tool for Plex, a game changer, providing massive functionality. I just wish Tautulli could support Jellyfin in the future so I can use them together.

| ma-karai commented 8 months ago

this would be great!

eqpaisley commented 4 months ago

Yes plz

maxtheking commented 4 months ago

This would be awesome. Migrating from Plex to Jellyfin as soon as Jellyfin gets their client apps sorted out, would really like to keep using Tautulli to monitor watch status and history!

| pinoli commented 2 days ago

pretty please

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