Transcoding performance stats

JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 5 years ago — 8 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 5 years ago Admin

The plex server logs indicate the rate at which trans-coding is taking place. It would be nice to have a report or even an average for the server to know if it is keeping up, or to know what resolutions or codecs it is having trouble trans-coding.

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #496

| tripflex commented almost 5 years ago

Would be great to be able to integrate buffering stats with this as well, added new FR and responded on GitHub :P

Feature Request: http://feathub.com/JonnyWong16/plexpy/+157

| bagobones commented about 4 years ago

With the up coming HW acceleration knowing how many are HW accelerated would also be good but that might be inferred by the transcode speed.

htilly commented about 4 years ago

@bagobones Added a separate request for showing GPU accelerated streams: https://feathub.com/JonnyWong16/plexpy/+231

12nick12 commented over 3 years ago

I second that this would be nice. It shouldn't be to hard now that plexpy itself can show the transcode speed. I just ended up making a python script and tie that into HomeAssistant which then graphs it to graphana. It works for the moment, but I'd love to have it built in.

| samip5 commented over 3 years ago

So is this going to get implemented? :D

| oboote commented almost 3 years ago

I'd love to be able to see what "Speed" stat Plex has been transcoding at; generally be able to keep an eye and insure I'm always well above the 1.0 threshold.

DevMan01 commented about 1 year ago

A lot of the time I have to go into my Plex server its self and specifically run CLI tools to get the GPU information, something I wish Plex and Tautulli would reflect on the dashboard. For example I have a "watch -n1 -d -x nvidia-smi" running on my Linux server at all times so I can remote in and see what the GPU specs are at. Data I wish was being pulled and pushed to the Tautulli dashboard, or the Plex dashboard.

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