Trakt Scrobbling

JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 35 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 3 years ago Admin

Currently I'm using Trakt Scrobbling from within Plex with a plugin it'd be nice to be able to do it straight from PlexPy meaning no plugins have to be installed on Plex or be kept up to date.

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #582

rbmaster commented about 1 year ago

This would be nice as a workaround to get it to work with the Plex Server in the ShieldTV

HitsvilleUK commented about 1 year ago

This would be awesome.

| u4dandy commented about 1 year ago

Seeing as they're looking at discontinuing plugins, I think this feature will become highly desired.

| ianhyzy commented about 1 year ago

With the coming sunsetting of plugins, this would be greatly appreciated.

| simonk83 commented about 1 year ago

Yep, I'd really appreciate this as well

| jacc1234 commented about 1 year ago

We could really use this, it is the perfect place to add Trakt.tv integration and would prevent everyone losing this functionality when plugins get deprecated.

| halfluck commented about 1 year ago

+1 sad to see plugins go away in Plex, the only one I rely on is Trakt.tv.

| dan13lwagner commented about 1 year ago

+1, as the ones before me

| YodaSpow commented 12 months ago

This would connect the dots for Plex and Kodi as watched notifications to Slack.

| mbnn commented 11 months ago

My vote +1 for this, could really use Trakt integration :)

| dels78 commented 10 months ago

Trakt would absolutely close the circle for me as well!

| psyciknz commented 10 months ago

I signed up here, just to add my vote for this feature. Since Tautulli already knows that items are started/stopped/watched, it would logically be a great source for scrobbling to trakt, especially if we lose that ability from plex.

| mvanlijden commented 10 months ago

I would love this! The trakt.tv plugin in Plex will eventually go, so this would be a big plus!

| Wally73 commented 10 months ago

would be nice and also the add to collection part (incl mediainfo)

greenjenkin commented 10 months ago

Adding my voice here.

goose2600 commented 10 months ago

That would be great! I hope someone who knows about API and programming can do the magic :)

| LowVibe75 commented 9 months ago

This would be a great feature to add, Trakt integration is fantastic for synching across multiple media servers and users. Trakt integration with Plex works fine, for now, but won't be around forever.

| icemouton commented 7 months ago

Would definitely love this... if it doesn't come up eventually I'll just make something up with either IFTTT or Zapier or even a manual script as all those could be used with tautulli to make trakt integration work.. but a straight up integration would be amazing

| purposelycryptic commented 6 months ago

Came across this while looking for a way to use Tautulli's webhook functionality to scrobble to AniList (or get Taiga to pick up on it and do the scrobbling), and just wanted to add my voice to the crowd: this would truly be awesome combination, as Tautulli already has the highest-quality data on our watch history, so it would be the perfect fit.

I've purposely not upgraded my Plex Server since they mentioned they would be removing Plugins sometime in October 2018.

hstamas commented 6 months ago

Plus 1. With Plex getting rid of all plug ins eventually this would fill the need perfectly.

| djismgaming commented 6 months ago

Omg! This could well be a core functionality for tautulli with all the tracking it does in a perfect fashion.

| 0xdevalias commented 6 months ago

+1 due to Plex sunsetting plugin support, this would be an amazing feature to have!

rpirsc13 commented 5 months ago

+1 it would be awesome to manage this from Tautulli. I have a feeling that, if implemented, it would be much better than what Plex is offering

| TechGuyTN commented 5 months ago

Yes Please :(

pluusla commented 5 months ago


| FunkenTom commented 5 months ago


| herbi3 commented 4 months ago


| chrillep commented 4 months ago

Want it =)

| manix84 commented 3 months ago

+1 - So much want!!

| muskingo commented 2 months ago

+1. Very necessary since Plex shutdown plugins.

| Haggian commented 2 months ago


| snickers2k commented 2 months ago

+1 but needs full sync for collections and watchlists aswell. pretty much just like the Trakt-Plex-Scrobbler-Plugin.

| Lundmore commented about 2 months ago


| devi59 commented about 1 month ago

Exactly what we need now that plugin's are fully dead in plex

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