(Anti) User account sharing

JonnyWong16 asked for this feature about 5 years ago — 6 comments

JonnyWong16 commented about 5 years ago Admin

I'd love to see an option which would tell me who of my users are suspected of shareing their accounts

While I can do this manually, it'd be a lot nicer just to have an small indication in the dashboard where I can view suspected users :-)

I was thinking of detection methods, and while not 100% accurate two would be GeoIP (match the two or more against each other) and "multi viewing" (viewing several items at the same time)

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #617

Foebik commented almost 5 years ago

The things I would like to see is this. 1) I dont care someone uses Plex in different locations (different IPs) at different times. But I do have a problem if different IPs come up at the same time, on the same user. That to me indicates they are sharing (or forgetting to log out of a client when they went to a friends house). 2) I don't want any restrictions or notifications for multiply connection from the same IP. 3) This one is a wish list thing and I'm not even sure it is possible through the API. If an account is found to be sharing, then the account is disabled. Even better is to put in an optional amount of time it will be disabled for and then re-enable it.

| Tangoes commented almost 5 years ago

Pleeeaseee... Tired of watch for users sharing account to friends!

| Pakorro commented almost 5 years ago

Yes, this option it will be very interesting for "no Friends"...

| didyouexpectthat commented almost 5 years ago

I am super anal about this -- yet I find people are doing it that I share my library with. I would enjoy reading this to taking corrective action. +1 from me :D

JonnyWong16 commented over 4 years ago Admin

Added in v1.4.7.

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