Persist transcoding display details (on home screen) between refreshes

davis78 asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 2 comments

davis78 commented almost 4 years ago

When there are active streams you can click an info button in order to see the transcoding details. However, once an automatic refresh occurs, it resets back to the picture of the video being streamed and i have to click info button again to bring up details. This makes it a little frustrating to monitor the status of the server and the current active streams. I'm creating a request to have these details always show (maybe based on a setting), or have the transcoding details display persist between refreshes. So for example, let's say i had 3 active streams showing in PlexPy, and i clicked the info button on two of them to see transcoding details. When refresh occurs, i would expect the transcoding details for the two steams i clicked on (before refresh) to still be showing.

| JonnyWong16 commented almost 4 years ago Admin

Added in v1.4.0.

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