Permit some stream details like video resolution to recently added notifications

ElYoM asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 5 comments

ElYoM commented over 4 years ago

My server download 720p quality first and then, replace with 1080p quality when available resulting in two identical notifications for recently added videos with no way to differentiate it. Permit some streams details like for the other notifications should avoid confusion.

| jeramie72 commented about 4 years ago

This would be great, some sort of way to show that the 2nd notification is trumping the first. awesome idea

| koolmon10 commented about 4 years ago

Filename would be a great option as well

| sdbigio commented over 3 years ago

Video resolution would be great for recently added files!

JonnyWong16 commented over 2 years ago Admin

Added in v2.

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