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tekNZ asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 2 comments

tekNZ commented over 4 years ago

Could we please have a full screen page for just for the current active streams? I have a spare monitor that I use to show the current home PlexPy page and CPU usage using Boundary Meter, but would love a cleaner page with no stats or recently added, or even navigation... Also on this page it would be good to be able to permanently show the playtime, buffer, device, and possibly the stream type; Resolution, Direct Play/Stream, Transcode.
That way I can just glance at it during the day to see who's playing what on my server and how their stream is performing.


| JamminR commented over 4 years ago

Agreed. I suggest possibly changing the 'home' page to only have a list of posters / text labels (Video: blah /r User: blah) the users may be watching. Then the 'activity' tab would contain the basic size animated poster currently being used on the home page, with any additional info. For those of us (not me!) that can support more than 4-5 users at once, perhaps have an adjustable dropdown activity poster size for the activity page (small, medium, large)

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