Transmogrify-like extension for PlexPy

DrEVILish asked for this feature almost 5 years ago — 1 comment

DrEVILish commented almost 5 years ago

Would be nice to see a PlexPy extension in chrome similar to Transmogrify, that would access the PlexPy server and edit the live PlexWeb interface as it loads. Also integrating some of the more complex graphs from Transmogrify into PlexPy. https://github.com/Transmogrify-for-Plex/Transmogrify-for-Plex-chrome a collaboration between the two services which do nearly the same outcome, using PlexPy which already has all the information Transmogrify already needs to load and using Transmogrify as a front end to still provide the shortcut links and Trakt missing episode displays.

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