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JamminR asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 2 comments

JamminR commented almost 4 years ago

Requested in main support forum months ago, forgot about it, searched thread to make sure no one else had already suggested this, to find out I was one that already had. https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1075540/#Comment_1075540 Basically, allow export to CSV and possibly other formats the history of select users (or entire history page), user pages, library pages, other neat tables/info as displayed in nice HTML now. A couple I know has a kids account. They'd like to know occasionally what the kids are watching, especially when at Grandmas' I have to copy/paste 2-3 pages into Excel manually when they ask.

Export to png/jpg of some of the graphs would be a nice 'extra' too, if possible.

JonnyWong16 commented almost 4 years ago Admin


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