More access/data control options for guest mode

blackbarn asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 2 comments

blackbarn commented over 4 years ago

First iteration of guest mode is great. It removes or masks other users' data from a guest. However It would be nice to allow more control of what is removed/masked.

Similar to: http://feathub.com/drzoidberg33/plexpy/+83 and http://feathub.com/drzoidberg33/plexpy/+90

Scenarios: 1. Guest can't see any mention of any other users, even masked. Certain statistics would be irrelevant here but no worries. 2. Guest can see all data but read-only. Read-only admin of sorts. 3. Guest is allowed to see specific users data (allow Bob to view Jim's data or vice versa). Essentially all would enable #2. 4. I'm sure there are other scenarios.

What brought me here was #1 I don't mind a user seeing their own data, but i'd rather them not know anything else about any other user. An example, even showing "Plex User is watching X" is something i'd rather not have seen. I would rather it only show things if they are watching them. Black box :)


| JamminR commented over 4 years ago

There are way too many (3 currently when I posted this) iteration/change ideas for guest access. I recommend instead of creating a totally new one, we comment in http://feathub.com/drzoidberg33/plexpy/+83 The 'variation' comment ideas can be reviewed in one place by the Plexpy Devs, instead of having to track multiple of some of the same basic ideas.

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