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A Python based monitoring and tracking tool for Plex Media Server. - https://tautulli.com

Deleted from library trigger

Created 5 days ago by SyrinTV

Concurrent stream grace timer

Created about 1 month ago by goose-ws

User loaded buffer bar

Created 2 months ago by LrrrAc

Add option to migrate to MySQL

Created 2 months ago by goku-son

Metric for number of active users

Created 2 months ago by khumps

Homebrew Integration

Created 5 months ago by hijxf

background Picture Series

Created 7 months ago by Headhunter70

Python 3 Compatibility

Created 8 months ago by GitGerby

Purge all user

Created 9 months ago by plankes-projects

S3 support for newsletter images

Created 10 months ago by Odrel