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Project Feature Score Description
causefx/Organizr Jellyfin Integration 55 Add official support for Jellyfin (emby fork), all the same emby options would be expected (backend accounts, active streams, etc) would largely use the emby configuration I assume, but added support for SSO & such would be incredible! Let’s make Jellyfin the go-to choice! https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin https://feathub.com/jellyfin/jellyfin/+7
jellyfin/jellyfin WebUI Themes 11 Allow use of preset themes, or custom theming via specifying colours & other settings in a theming section of the settings. Ideally themes would be a great addition to the Plugins system (see “3rd party plugins”). Allowing installation of themes from the Jellyfin or 3rd party repos.
jellyfin/jellyfin 3rd Party Plugins 19 Change the plugin system to use a default Jellyfin Repo for more or less officially supported plugins & Allow adding third party repositories for installing any sort of other plugin, be it in development or whatnot. Similar to the implementation in Kodi.
jellyfin/jellyfin Organizr V2 Integration 19 Allow SSO (single sign on) via organizr as well as other integrations. I’m sure Organizrs’ support for emby will largely be compatible, but official Jellyfin support will look a lot nicer! I assume most of this work will be on Organizrs’ side, but if I’m not mistaken SSO was an issue to implement due to something on embys’ side. https://github.com/causefx/Organizr https://feathub.com/causefx/Organizr/+80
jellyfin/jellyfin Backup/Restore 21 I guess this is the big one.... a simple backup & restore option for migrating an installation. This is the main reason I went searching for an alternative & discovered the talks about a fork months ago... I couldn’t conveniently migrate my installation of emby without paying!!! D**k move emby! This doesn’t affect me these day as I now run the installation via docker... but realistically this is such a basic feature that should have always been integrated into the core! Not a paid premium! Long live Jellyfin!


Project Feature Comment When
jellyfin/jellyfin Improve config handling I can see where your coming from with the config being cleaned up, but also the config directory I believe should have the bulk of metadata & cache kept in it, as if it wasn’t & if it wasn’t mapped elsewhere (which can be done manually anyway) then it would be bulking up the docker VM environments image which could cause issues. With any docker container I use I expect it to place any bulk it creates into the config directory if it doesn’t have another dedicated directory (e.g. media, or downloads). almost 2 years ago
causefx/Organizr 2FA +1 for LastPass Authenticator, I love the push notifications where i can just tap authenticate & dont need to type anything! almost 2 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
almost 2 years ago jellyfin/jellyfin WebUI Themes
almost 2 years ago jellyfin/jellyfin Backup/Restore
almost 2 years ago causefx/Organizr Jellyfin Integration
almost 2 years ago jellyfin/jellyfin Organizr V2 Integration
almost 2 years ago jellyfin/jellyfin 3rd Party Plugins
almost 2 years ago causefx/Organizr Homepage Transmission - ability to hide seeding/completed downloads
almost 2 years ago causefx/Organizr Homepage Transmission - show overall download/upload rate
almost 2 years ago causefx/Organizr Integrate Jackett search on the homepage