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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
directus/directus Directus plugin for Spike 0 Integrate Directus data for compilation into static site.
directus/directus MongoDB Support 25
directus/directus Node JS API (Server side) 26 Alternative to PHP API (server side)
directus/directus Currency UI 0 An UI that handles currency values.
directus/directus Bookmarks being assigned to individual users 1 Another option for Bookmarks being assigned to individual users: Each record is either assigned to a specific user (store id) or is global (NULL) for the user column. Would this be easier than trying to do all three of these? User Bookmarks Group Bookmarks Global Bookmarks
directus/directus API: New way to add X2M data 1 Adding new X2M data without the data param. Ex: ```json { "name":"hallo", "regions":[ { "translation_id":17, "region_id":8 }, { "translation_id":17, "region_id":8 } ] } ``` Ref: https://github.com/directus/directus/issues/1800


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Vote When Project Feature
about 3 years ago directus/directus Add Gui to restore previous revisions
about 4 years ago feathub/feathub Ability to Limit GitHub Feature Listing Image