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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
tidusjar/Ombi Allow/reject requests (and/or hide items) by release state 0 The possibility to restrict the release states available for requesting allows for Ombi to be more useful for people who don't want to use usenet or torrenting. For example denying requests of items with the release state "in cinemas" allows for the following workflow: Ombi Request -> Admin buys medium -> Digitalization -> Plex -> Request fulfilled.
lidarr/Lidarr Import Musicbrainz collections 2 Importing from Musicbrainz collections could be a nice ease-of-life feature. If people are new to Lidarr, but use Musicbrainz collections, this would possibly lower hurdles for getting started with Lidarr in the first place. Bonus use-case: This can double up as a poor man's backup. Run your music imports through Beets with plugin "mbcollection", automatically adding all new music to a Musicbrainz collection. If now for some unforseen reason your server dies (trashing all the music files and the Lidarr database), you could easily reinstall, reimport from your Musicbrainz collection and then Lidarr could handle the rebuild of your music files.


Project Feature Comment When
Radarr/Radarr Add priority languages in profil definition Radarr was overwriting german films with higher resolution english releases while using multiple languages in a profile. This feature would help with that issue. Another possibility to make radarr more friendly for non-english users would be to only choose a better release, if it contains the same or more languages than the one being present on disk. 5 months ago
lidarr/Lidarr Import Musicbrainz collections Maybe being able follow a Musicbrainz collection (e.g. of someone else) is even more useful. 8 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
5 months ago formulahendry/955.WLB 客路 (klook.com) @ 深圳
5 months ago Radarr/Radarr Add priority languages in profil definition
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Available on Netflix for V3
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Reject if on Netflix
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Remove requests once they are available or status tabs for requests
8 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Config backup