SQL dump from AlaSQL

mathiasrw asked for this feature almost 6 years ago — 2 comments

mathiasrw commented almost 6 years ago Admin

Would be good to export data from AlaSQL to a pure SQL string. Could be done by a INTO SQL() approach.

    var data = [{id:1}];
    var sql = alasql('SELECT * INTO SQL({tableid:'one'}) FROM ?',[data]);
    // sql = 'INSERT INTO one (id) VALUES (1);');

where the config argument to SQL() could have a flag to include table structure.

A more SQL'ish solution would be

a) to have dump command for specific database, like:

    var sql = alasql('DUMP DATABASE mybase');

b) dump all databases in current alasql object:

    var sql = alasql('DUMP');

| nbdamian commented about 5 years ago

If we have a dump function, we should include an import function as well, so that if you dump, you can then import that dump if need be.

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