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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
tidusjar/Ombi Add ability to "Unapprove" Request 1 Once a request is approved, it cannot be unapproved. There have been many scenarios where I have needed to do this, for instance, when I had a user who was marked "Auto Approved" accidentally.
tidusjar/Ombi Don't Auto-Approve Administrator Requests 1 Since I cannot make my own workflows (e.g., adding a "Awaiting Processing" status between approval and in-progress) it would be helpful if the Admin account could be removed from auto-approval to maintain workflow states.
tidusjar/Ombi Request on behalf of user 1 Allow admins (or have a new role) that allows people to request on behalf of another individual. It is quite common to have people request media through another method (e.g., in person, text, email) and it would be useful to track who made that request, as well as automatically notify them when the request has been fulfilled.
tidusjar/Ombi Show when multiple people have requested the same media 2 Show multiple names if more than one person has requested the same media. Allow to filter or sort by number of requests.
tidusjar/Ombi Filter by requestor 1 Often there are 1 or 2 people who have made a tremendous number of requests, often drowning out others. I'd like to be able to filter (or filter out) certain requestors so I can make sure I'm evenly addressing my clients' requests.


Project Feature Comment When
tidusjar/Ombi Add ability to "Unapprove" Request @deke-the-geek That doesn't seem the same - this is not rejecting a request, but rather removing them from the Approved state back into the "Pending Approval". For me, it's getting around the pain that is admins being auto-approved. Completely messes with my workflow. about 1 year ago


Vote When Project Feature
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi deny with Reason
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Add Server owner donation link option
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi When a user reports an issue with a media file to automatically redownload that file
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi User Management - Manage shared libraries
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Add more search suggestions for movies please
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Voting feature
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi User management profiles.
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Allow Users to Report Issues per Episode or per Season for TV Shows
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Blu ray release dates
11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Integrate with PlexPy
about 1 year ago tidusjar/Ombi Request Rejection