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filmhubhq/ Series show only ocupy 1 Item on the list. 1 Currently a Series occupies many spaces on the Catalog list, which is annoying to users of your interface, imagine if I uploaded one of our 105 episode Series?? This is not good. I suggest that you have 1 item per Series and that by clicking that 1 item, we can View all items inside it. Like a MULTIPLE Title Item. That way its more organized and easier to organize for us with big catalogs of episodics.
filmhubhq/ Channel Activity could be grouped. 0 We have received many updates on the Channel activity panel, but it is not very organized. I think it would be good if you could group the activities by the Channel that is creating these events, for example, If we have a title that is being processed by VIMEO on Demand, and we upload a new one that goes to this, instead of having 2 activities on the Tab, it should all go to the VIMEO On Demand activity Status. Then, give us the ability to click on that Channels activities and see each separate activity, that could help organize this as well.
filmhubhq/ A new FAQs updated inside the platform for when you get an account. 0 In this new FAQs, I would answer questions like, which platforms are Curated/Uncurated, how to apply to Certain platforms and their costs (Like Netflix and iTunes), How to pitch to other new platforms as they come along, how to contact them, etc.... I think their is ground here to clear, and this could help us feel more in touch.
filmhubhq/ Export Report Data (CSV) 0 I would like to have a feature where I could export Reports and import them in my Zoho Analytics. That could help to better organize our payments and data. Thank you.
filmhubhq/ Specify Which Channels have "Buy/Download" Options. 0 Most distributors whom represent large catalogs and groups of people, sometimes do not have the power to allow purchases, please give us an option in Metadata to specify that we cannot allow these titles for Purchase/Download, as this option could break agreements and have copyright consequences in the future.


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