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Kareadita/Kavita Permission-based collections / virtual libraries 1 Having the ability to share a subset of books/issues without giving access to an entire library. This is, by far, my most common sharing use case. This would be a fantastic time-saving replacement to the practice of multiple cloud shared folders, where a ton of space goes wasted due to duplication (e.g. Google Drive Folder A is shared with Joey and has books A,B,C, and D while Folder B is shared with Jane and has books C,D,E, and F). Google Drive shortcuts are a long overdue feature to remedy the duplication, but the permissioning is far from intuitive).
Kareadita/Kavita Folder based browsing (particularly for ebooks) 4 I saw this question raised on Discord, along with your reply. I was hoping you'd consider adding the ability to toggle this option on a per-library basis. While the flat library view is fantastic for Manga/Comics as they are naturally organized into Series/Volumes/Chapters, this isn't the case for ebooks. A folder based view would go a long way to facilitating ebook browsing. Perhaps going into a specific library from the flat view homepage could switch to a folder-based view for those libraries where it's enabled? I imagine the tag-based "Collections" feature, as well as the upcoming search enhancements would go a long way toward finding relevant content, but I think support for a hierarchical folder structure would be a fantastic browsing aid for ebooks (particularly for guest users not familiar with the library's tag cloud).


Project Feature Comment When
Kareadita/Kavita Permission-based collections / virtual libraries Thanks, Joe! The folder/symbolic link approach is great for giving users access to large sections of your library. The use case I'm referring to would be for sharing a SUBSET of any given folder, or perhaps a combination of such. So, for instance, if I want to share a few specific books on learning Python, start-up financing, and logo design, giving access to entire "Coding", "Finance", and "Design" folders would be rather overwhelming for the intended recepient. I'm essentially interested in specific book/issue sharing functionality for casual guest users, as opposed to browsing driven "Library" sharing for more permanent/trusted users. 6 months ago


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