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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
kerberos-io/machinery Webif NAS storage 2 An front end to configure NAS storage for camera captures.
kerberos-io/machinery Record Audio 6 Most USB Cams have a mic on them. Not sure how possible this is, but how about being able to record only audio, or both audio and video? Or perhaps even sound detection...?
kerberos-io/machinery MultiCam Dashboard/Overview 13 A screen that shows all your Kerberos cams. So if you have 10 cams, you can view all live video and cam names on one screen. And if possible, if you click on the cam name, it will direct you to that cams dashboard.
kerberos-io/machinery Email notification 2 Any possibility of Email notification if movement has been detected?
kerberos-io/machinery Cam name in header 2 Place a watermark of the cameras name (and maybe IP) in the header. Currently when having multiple Cams open in tabs, the only way to tell them apart is by IP or going to the configuration page.


Project Feature Comment When
kerberos-io/machinery MultiCam Dashboard/Overview Not sure how possible this is, but to extend the Dashboard/Overview...When an update is released, have an option to be able to select all the Kerberos Cams that you want to be updated, and update them. A one stop shop to do updates to all machines. Make sense? 4 months ago


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4 months ago kerberos-io/machinery Cam name in header
4 months ago kerberos-io/machinery Record Audio
4 months ago kerberos-io/machinery Email notification
4 months ago kerberos-io/machinery Webif NAS storage
4 months ago kerberos-io/machinery MultiCam Dashboard/Overview