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123FLO321/RealDeviceMap Algorithms using Poke++ FETCH endpoint -2 This idea is to have the ability to use different endpoint urls in the FETCH settings URL within Poke++ App. <p> Using RocketMapPlusPlus as an example, endpoints such as.<p> `https://<ip>:<port>/scan_loc` - This auto walk and scan the area of your worker within a setting defined radius. <br> `https://<ip>:<port>/walk_pokestop` - Generate route using nearby pokestops<br> `https://<ip>:<port>/walk_spawnpoint` - Generate route using local spawn points<br> `https://<ip>:<port>/teleport_gym` - Generate route using nearby gyms, but instead of walking it teleports to the next gym. Teleport time based on settings used.<br> `https://<ip>:<port>/teleport_gpx?route=nameofgpxfile` - using a gpx file to teleport to each location. <br> `https://<ip>:<port>/walk_gpx` - same mehtod as above but walk rather than teleport<p> Having the ability to use these endpoints, will eliminate the use for a computer and all devices can be independent !


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123FLO321/RealDeviceMap Algorithms using Poke++ FETCH endpoint 8 months ago


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