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tidusjar/Ombi variable "Default Root Folders" location -1 In the Sonarr and Radarr config pages in Ombi there are options for the default download locations. Lots of users have multiple source folders for these 2 programs and currently there is no way to account for that. In my case, I keep my movies in a few folders based on certain criteria but Ombi can only dump them all in one folder and I have to sort it out later. While I can automate that process after it is downloaded, it would be much easier to just put it in the right place to begin with than to clean it up after the fact. I'm thinking something along the lines of having a checkbox next to the "Default Root Folders" section. Enabling this option will pass the request information to a user defined script that will override the "Default Root Folders" variable with whatever the script returns. This might also be applied to the quality settings.


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tidusjar/Ombi Iphone /Android APP I used to make an app. Takes about a minute once you figure it out. It's really just a browser wrapper but it works really well. over 1 year ago
tidusjar/Ombi Reject if on Netflix To expand on this, will let you search for a movie or show and tell you what services you can stream, rent, or buy it on. It would be nice if this information is reflected when a user searches for a request so they might not have to make a request in the first place. It would also be nice to control this on a user level, much like auto approve, request limit, etc. That way you can set it to automatically deny for a user if you know they have Netflix or Amazon or whatever. As for this being handled by Sonarr, I wholeheartedly disagree. Ombi's role is to be a front end to all these systems. If you are even using Ombi at all, any sort of issue with requests should be handled by it. From a systems workflow perspective, it just makes no sense to handle this sort of thing on the backend. There's a lot more flexibility if you handle it on the frontend anyway. almost 2 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi Choose default tag for Sonarr/Radarr What do you mean "add the default tag"? Do you mean "a" default tag? I was thinking of something similar but with users. I think both would be useful, Ombi adding a tag to all request sent to Sonarr/Radarr and/or adding a tag to all requests UserA sent to Sonarr/Radarr. almost 3 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi Allow multi users to get notification of content I was about to suggest something similar. I like the weekly newsletter option but I'd like if there was a way for the user to go and view a list of all TV shows available on Plex and be able to select ones they get notifications for. That way they would get notified instantly if a new episode of their favorite show becomes available. I'm not sure if I am talking about the same thing as everyone else though. This might be better handled elsewhere but I don't want my users to have to deal with multiple systems. Movies would have to be handled differently because they aren't episodic, likely by requests made instead . almost 3 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi variable "Default Root Folders" location Well, what I was getting at was that is that for those that have multiple root folders, or drives, Ombi can only tell Sonarr/Radarr to put them in one place. After it is downloaded and imported into Sonarr/Raddar it can then be moved but that might be problematic after the fact. However, I failed to realize they can also do scripts when grabbed and before being downloaded. So yes, I suppose this is not necessary. almost 3 years ago
tidusjar/Ombi Blu ray release dates I think the physical release date from the current API would suffice. almost 3 years ago
Radarr/Radarr Have all movies in a single folder. I was kind of bummed when I found this out because Sonarr has great code and I was looking for a CP alternative. I only have video files and I keep them in one folder. It's not as simple as just putting them in subfolders as my torrent client does not and I already have hundreds seeding. I'd have to manually change location for hundreds of files in my torrent client. I'm really excited about this program but am unable to use it until this is fixed. Hopefully it's one of the first to get resolved. Like someone already said, I'd imagine this affectsite the large majority of Plex users. I don't even really think it needs to an option. Can't it just be changed to scan all sub folders from root instead of going one level from root? almost 3 years ago


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almost 2 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Reject if on Netflix
almost 3 years ago linuxserver/ qBittorrent
almost 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Choose default tag for Sonarr/Radarr
almost 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Allow multi users to get notification of content
almost 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Put Username and Password fields on one screen (Login)
almost 3 years ago tidusjar/Ombi Change user login process