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CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA make weather and environment impact more visible 58 few ideas to make weather and environment impact more visible in the game. one idea could be adding simple tint to the game area according to the current weather. for example it could go like this: - thunderstorm = less visibility, dark blue tint added to game area - cloudy days = gray tint added to game area - acid rain = green tint added - shiny day = normal - snow days= white tint - snowstorm = less visibility, white tint ... etc the general idea is to make weather more visible in the game, to feel a bit more the gloom and doom of apocalypse. apply lighting is one idea, but there are also other way of making weather and environment more 'present' in the game, like: - adding a little water flood in cities and everywhere, when it rains heavily. and house left open eventually flooded a bit. - showing airborne hazards, winds when they carry something (smoke, toxic gaz, dust storm, fog ) and quality of air in general - clouds, could sometime cast their passing shadows on the ground (for example: re-using rain code maybe, allowing 'rain' to fall in the 4 directions, and use half-transparent shaded tile picture instead of the rain droplet png.. this could be one quick way to simulate cloud's passing shadows on the ground) - make better flashlight (small cone of light depending on facing/going direction) instead of lighting the whole area. - going outside on windy, stormy days could have effect of winds pushing the player a bit. also impairing ability to perform various tasks because of strong winds and rain. winds could also from time to time send some garbage flying around, like soda cans, piece of papers, and other light stuffs (in turn the generated noise from tumbling can of soda could also produce various effects on player and monsters). another one: - make all tiles able to get additional overlays like player can wear differents clothes and it shows, buildings should also be able to have added 'effects' overlays. for example allowing the following effects to be overlayed on a normal clean tile: dirtyness, dusty, bloody, goo, acid, cracked. it could help create better 'devasted cities' picture. furnitures, building, roads, etc.. could become dusty, messy, and look like it. - roads could also get overgrowth vegetation effects where grass or other kinds of green bushes and stuff grew over roads and buildings. this is just a bunch of quick ideas, but the lightning / tint part could be one way to add some of that easily. in general playing with light helps create more immersive game world.
CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA implement codex 19 implement the codex as defined in feature request here: [#36479]( as a side note: i could help with code, but i'd need someone to pair up with. someone more skilled than just me. i'm a bit like a sunday coder, i can do stuff, but it take me more time, and the resulting code is barely doing what's requested, in a functionnal but slow, unoptimized and archaic way. so teaming up with someone that could help me making proper code and give a bit of advice as we progress. if you find the idea described in the issue appealing, then, we could start by discussing a bit together about the hows and whys, and see how it goes from there ?


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CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA make weather and environment impact more visible @anothersimulacrum, i agree, messages about weather change would be a nice addition too, but, message panel is another area in need of care.. message panel is still being flooded by spamming entries most of the time, so important messages are often missed. i had hoped the PR about the message log spamming would end this problem, but it just created the 'cool down option' instead which is good to have but is just a (half) workaround. it's difficult to explain but other roguelike don't seem to have this problem. i was playing adom a bit yesterday, and the message area was always nice and informative, on point. when playing c:dda, however, relevant messages are often so quickly loosing their color and then being pushed back by newer entries that they are no longer on screen when they still mater and should be visible. over 1 year ago


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about 1 year ago CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA make weather and environment impact more visible
about 1 year ago CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA implement codex