Ombi homepage item - make a setting/toggle for changing the default behaviour of the filter

nameproof asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 4 comments

nameproof commented about 1 year ago

Request to make it possible to only show unavailable ombi requests by default on the homepage.

Currently if you change the filter for the ombi homepage item to not include available requests the filter will reset to the default as soon as the page refreshes.

There is a need for showing only unavailable requests on the homepage in Organizr.

If you could add a option to change the default behavior, to only show unavailable requests (or what you please) in the homepage item configuration for ombi? This would apply to all users.

Users do not change this option and the available requests clog up the screen.


causefx commented about 1 year ago Admin

Feature has now been Added.

| nameproof commented about 1 year ago

Thanks, works flawlessly!

nmbrg commented 11 months ago

when will it be available for us not comfortable using dev builds?

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