Plex Single-Sign-On

burkasaurusrex asked for this feature 4 months ago — 3 comments

burkasaurusrex commented 4 months ago

It would be awesome to have Plex users automatically authenticated to any services that also support Plex auth.

I've seen something similar here:

The idea would be that when I log into Organizr with my Plex creds, I would automatically be authenticated for PlexPy, Ombi, etc.

| SlothCroissant commented 3 months ago

+1. The use case for this is fairly obvious - when using Plex auth in Organizr, users should be auth'd in to each service for which they have a Plex account. It's a bit clunky to log in, then log in again moments later.

| AciDCooL commented 2 months ago

Users in general, plex, emby, ldap. But the page behind organizr has to support that kind of login. Since it is mostly cookie based there is no way for Organizr to facilitate this without collaboration for the sso between the different apps.

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