Hide Tabs without deactivating them

goofballtech asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 2 comments

goofballtech commented almost 4 years ago

For services such as Chat and Ombi that could have buttons on the Homepage. Options now are that they are either active and visible or inactive an unavailable, i can't simply hide the icon.

It would be nice to have two less icon's in the panel. For myself because there are already a load of them and for users because simplicity is better for most of my folks.

leram84 commented almost 4 years ago

You can do this now with custom css. For ombi If you're using a subdomain: #https\:\/\/ombi\.yourdomain\.comx { display: none; } or for subdirectory: #https\:\/\/www\.yourdomain\.com\/ombix { display: none; } For chat: #chat\.phpx { display: none; }

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