Services indicator on Hompage?!

seanvree asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 4 comments

seanvree commented over 3 years ago

Would be dope to have like a mini-uptime robot on the dashboard to show you the status (I mean, just up or down obv) of your services. Port ping is easy, but if you want to monitor a service that's reverse proxied, then you'd have to add some type of auth in there. Uptime robot has that feature.


Might be some hints in this repo:

StevenChorkley commented over 3 years ago

What about setting that page up as a subdomain and setting that as your default page?

Personally for my users I use

| seanvree commented over 3 years ago


Org already has that function. If you set those tabs that would be on the landing page you mentioned to GUEST within or, you have the same thing but with more functionality and data:


However, this feat request was to actually add a services indicator on the org homepage that I linked above.

causefx commented over 3 years ago Admin

Monitorr does it now :)

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